Strategic Partnership: DeFly Ball x Dreamboat Capital

DeFlyBall is thrilled to onboard: DreamBoat Capital as a strategic partner! Dreamboat Capital is a startup company that focuses on investing in various blockchain companies.

Creating economic equality in society through Blockchain Investment. Making Dreamboat Capital a venture (funding) for Blockchain projects that have the potential and have a clear ecosystem.


Dreamboat Capital is a startup company that aims to facilitate people who want to invest in blockchain companies through cryptocurrency, but they don’t have the time to do research on a good and trusted project.

We do research on new startups in the blockchain industry that usually do IDOs or often called IPO in the stock investment.

We analyze and select the projects that will launch the IDO carefully so that we can avoid fraud or scams because in the launch of Blockchain projects there are many who commit fraud in collecting funds through IDO.

We will participate in the selected project to be able to get the first Token Purchase with the aim of getting the maximum profit when the token price increases significantly.

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About DeFly Ball

We proudly introduce DeFly Ball, a virtual NFT-based play-to-earn game. It is an amazing, captivating real-world competition transformed into a virtual setting. DeFly Ball token is built on Binance smart chain. DeFly Ball is a journey of dogs that train to become race-ready athletic. The reason for the name of this play-to-earn platform is DeFly collectibles. Users can collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which they can sell, create or rent on DeFly Marketplace. We are sure that your journey as a DeFly user is going to be riveting and rewarding.

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