Exclusive Announcement! DeFly Ball Giving Away FREE 300 NFTs In Its Crazy Airdrop Campaign.

A warm welcome to you to the DeFly Ball Airdrop Community! We didn’t find anything to show gratitude other than running the NFTs Airdrop campaign for our early supporters. To say ‘Thank You’, DeFly Ball is giving away FREE 300 exclusive NFTs Airdrop to its community. Yahoo!

We are very excited to announce that It’s an NFT Airdrop of 300 NFTs. Each NFT holds a unique value and perks. Each lucky winner will receive an NFT airdrop and so much more…

How To Participate In The DeFlyBall NFT Airdrop?

Complete the following below tasks for successful participation:

  1. Visit the DeFlyBall Website. http://market.deflyball.com/

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet.

3. Sign in with the Connected MetaMask on the Website.

Signature with Metamask.

4. Enter Your Username and Correct Email Address. Winners will be connected via their Emails.

Once you complete: Congratulations you’re now seated to potentially receive an exclusive NFT loaded with valuable utility.

Remember, Giveaway entries end Jan 20th at 5 PM (UTC) and winners will be announced soon after.

Details Of The NFTs Airdrop Campaign


  • Jan 14th, 2022 to Jan 20th, 2022 at 5 PM (UTC)
  • A snapshot of all wallets will be taken on January 20th, 2022 at 04:59 PM UTC.
  • All users who’ve connected their wallets to the platform by the snapshot date will receive free NFT.

Total Airdrop NFTs #: 300 NFTs.

Number of Winners: 300 random luckiest winners

Marketplace link: https://market.deflyball.com/

Note: The 300 lucky winners will be chosen randomly.

Got Excited? There’s A Lot More To Listen to!

It’s just the beginning steps of the DeFly Ball game community. There’s a lot more to come in your way and witness. We’re looking more forward to our roadmaps, investors, improvements, and presenting more about this project.

Guys, you won’t believe that we gotta tons of exciting surprises and news for YOU. We can’t wait to share the upcoming progress and unleash fun about the development of the DeFi DeFly Ball GameFi ecosystem.

More details regarding the airdrop will be announced in the coming days. So fasten up your seat belt and stay tuned!

What is an NFT?

NFT can be broadly defined as an intangible asset that’s available on the internet. Well, not anything but a few unique items, i.e., a digital image, music, art, video, tweet, card, game, etc. By the way, NFT stands for Non Fungible Tokens. It’s basically certifying the unique digital item, authenticity, and ownership.

To understand NFT well, you need to understand the term collectionism. Many art lovers got possession of buying and selling the digital art associated with the NFTs by means of collections and trading in some NFT marketplaces.

Short intro About DeFlyBall NFT items.

DeFly Ball has created a unique NFT mechanism to ensure that the in-game characters are not just a piece of art but valuable NFTs assets. DeFly Ball has different types of NFTs in the form of in-game characters like dogs and their food kits. More athletic brawny dogs are relatively rare. Also, every dog and the food kit is classified based on the attributes and nutritional requirements respectively.

Users can improve their dog’s attributes which include stamina, agility, temperament, intelligence, and speed with the following. Food kits, training, and level clearing. With these three, a dog’s attributes or combat power gets upgraded and so thus the NFT as well.

DeFly Ball has many features in the queue to explore and witness, and more detailed tutorials will be released when the official version is released.

Each time a dog explores the levels, it obtains rewards and reaches the higher levels and so thus the higher rewards. So with the higher levels and combative attributes, makes a doggie more valuable, both in the game and in the NFT marketplace. The longer holding the NFT, the higher value it gets.

What is DeFlyBall Marketplace?

The new world of NFTs DeFi is here, that’s being built on Blockchain technology. Welcome to the DeFly Ball GameFi!

DeFly Ball offers its fans a unique way of connecting with the pups they love in a gacha gaming mechanism. By using the DeFly Ball NFT Marketplace, users will have the ability to trade, all powered by NFTs.

It’s a comprehensive NFT DeFi made up of $DEFLY tokens, collectibles, a characteristic role-playing 3D game with attractive gameplay, and a Blockchain NFT marketplace. DeFly Ball is the profitable NFT FlyBall-themed 3D game built on the Unity, and BSC network.

All DeFly Bal’s characters have intrinsic in-game worth and can have huge potential in the in-game NFT marketplace for trade due to their various properties. Characters would become more valuable with the significantly growing game’s popularity.

Indeed, this is a wonderful opportunity for fans to collect in-game assets strategically and position themselves early in the game, an ideal opportunity to invest early at the lowest NFT pricing for the best future returns.


DeFly Ball got the credit of being the only Flyball-centric 3D GameFi.
With the combination of FlyBall and GameFi, DeFly Ball is without a doubt, the rebirth of the FlyBall sport in the 3D DeFi Word. Like real, you’ll experience the same here, the dogs, their training, audience chanting levels winning. You can buy the in-game characters in the form of in-game valuable NFTs assets and trade them in its NFT marketplace.

In short, The decentralized DeFly Ball GameFi combines the worlds of NFTs, blockchain gaming, and esports — enabling content creators, collectors, investors, gamers, NFT enthusiasts, and anyone in between to come together as one community and make money while playing the game.

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