DeFly Ball’s FREE 300 NFTs Airdropped To Your Wallets Now. Your Wait Is Finally Over To Pat Your Super Dog!

Today, the DeFly Ball team’s flying in the air. We got an overwhelming response from our beloved supportive community on the 300 free NFTs Airdrop campaign. It went beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for that positive and constructive response. With those blocks, we’ll definitely build a building for our community to facilitate them more and more.

We’ve decided to give our NFTs for FREE in a crazy airdrop campaign that went great. We taught you all the steps to participate in the campaign in detail. Moving forward, we received a tremendous number of participants and had happy tears in our eyes to see the flood. After the closing of the campaign, we had the 300 luckiest winners. But what’s the greatness of the DeFly Ball team here? Well, simply to fulfill its promise.

Today, DeFly Ball has hot news for you to make your day enough. The Free NFTs are finally airdropped to the 300 luckiest winners’ wallets. It’s definitely worth your time. Click the link below. Double-check your achievement. Keep your NFT doggy protected in your wallet as it will let you win the race against its opponents in the DeFly Ball’s game race track. Don’t forget to give a shout-out to the DeFly Ball!

NFTs Airdrop Winners:

About DeFly Ball:

DeFly Ball got the credit of being the one & only Flyball-centric 3D NFT GameFi.

With the combination of FlyBall, and GameFi, DeFly Ball is without a doubt, the rebirth of the Fly Ball sport in the 3D DeFi. Like real, you’ll experience the same here, the dogs, their training, audience chanting, and levels winning. It’s a P2E, PVE gameplay. You can buy the in-game NFTs assets in the form of dog characters and their race-required in-game items like food kits with its native $DEFLY tokens as in-game currency; trade them in its own NFT marketplace and across its INO partners’ platforms.

DeFly Ball is an e-sport NFTs Blockchain GameFi that welcomes NFTs enthusiasts, creators, investors, gamers, to function as one community and make them Play to Earn.

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