DeFlyBall x Altura NFTs

DeFly Ball INO Is Live At Altura Marketplace!

Thank you so much for your generous support of our Free 300 NFTs Airdrop campaign. We received a great positive response from our community. The lucky winners are now enjoying fruitful and fair results. But, now as we promised to offer you more services and campaigns. Buy an NFT today and enjoy smart NFT fruition tomorrow. DeFly Ball is here now to entice its community with INO (Initial NFTs Offering) partnered with Altura. So, our long-awaited INO launchpad is live now!

About Altura

Altura is the DeFi community-governed GameFi NFTs trading marketplace built on BSC. It’s on a mission to enable game developers to integrate blockchain technology seamlessly in their video games and make it the GameFi system. Altura fully promotes the Smart NFTs (dynamic NFTs associated with digital items) by ensuring the authenticity and complete ownership of the users.

INO Details:

DeFly Ball ensures a fair and secure INO process:

Date: February 3rd, 2022

Time: 03:00 PM UTC

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Where to buy:

About DeFly Ball:

DeFly Ball got the credit of being the only Flyball-centric 3D GameFi.

With the combination of FlyBall and GameFi, DeFly Ball is without a doubt, the rebirth of the FlyBall sport in the 3D DeFi. Like real, you’ll experience the same here, the dogs, their training, audience chanting, and levels winning. You can buy the in-game characters in the form of in-game valuable NFTs assets and trade them in its NFT marketplace.

DeFly Ball is an e-sport NFTs Blockchain GameFi that welcomes NFTs enthusiasts, creators, investors, gamers, to function as one community and make them Play to Earn.

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