Announcing Strategic Partnership with Krypto Playboy

We’re extremely excited to announce Krypto Playboy as our latest strategic investor.

About KryptoPlayboy

Krypto Playboy Capital is an Australian run value-adding Venture Capital Network that invests in early start-up decentralized blockchain technology

Krypto PlayBoy — the world of Crypto made easy for the average player. We focus on teaching everything regarding Cryptocurrency, Trading & IDO’S related topics. We are all a Crypto family in this together, lets grow the family and spread the love of crypto!

About DeFly Ball

We proudly introduce DeFly Ball, a virtual NFT-based play-to-earn game. It is an amazing, captivating real-world competition transformed into a virtual setting. DeFly Ball token is built on Binance smart chain. DeFly Ball is a journey of dogs that train to become race-ready athletic. The reason for the name of this play-to-earn platform is DeFly collectibles. Users can collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which they can sell, create or rent on DeFly Marketplace. We are sure that your journey as a DeFly user is going to be riveting and rewarding.

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